Trafford Council Leader awarded 30% pay rise-Dave Acton's Advertiser column

Two weeks ago the Conservatives in Trafford decided, in their wisdom, to vote to increase the Tory Council Leaders allowances by 30%. This at a time when Council staff have received a cut in their earnings and hundreds of job posts have been made redundant, and at a time when the budget has just been cut again this year by £24M.

A Fat Cat

This also comes at a time when we are now seeing on the ground the results of the cuts made to street cleaning and environmental services. All around us, in many areas of Trafford, we are seeing dirty streets, overflowing litter bins, weeds growing in pavement, alleyways full of rubbish, fly-tipping and parks and grass verges not being maintained properly. Our environment is a basic function of the Council, however we have seen a steady decline as millions of pounds have been cut from the Council maintenance budget and Environmental Enforcement team.


Of course dirty streets, pot holes in roads and dog fouling are the visible results of cuts in budgets. The other not so visible are the effect of multi million pound cuts to very vulnerable people services. For instance children with learning disabilities, children with special education needs and children with disabilities who have been at the wrong end of significant cuts to their home to school transport. The care to our elderly citizens who will not receive the services they once had and which they so desperately need. The ten children centres which have been removed. Services to young people and the list goes on.


Surely whilst the Conservatives are making all these cuts in reducing the quality of life for many people in Trafford it cannot be right for Conservatives to prioritise the Council Leaders pay packet when so many are suffering as a result of the budget cuts. It totally sends out the wrong message to the people of Trafford.


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